As a supplementary service to help our clients engage in electronic transactions, following partners provide digital and electronic signature solutions. Please contact us for legal support on e-contracting, including information on worldwide legal compliance.
Empower Your Business with a Secured Signing™
Digital Signature Solution
As regularly used by e-Government Institutions, Non-Profit Organizations and Businesses from SMEs to Global Corporations
Secured Signing is legally binding PKI (users based keys) Digital Signature Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows any organization size and their business associates to sign documents securely online.
Simply add legal document to the Secured Signing service, sign, seal and send, or invite the Company's customers to sign online, as workflow configured. Signed documents are sealed with the signatory's trusted PKI Digital Signatures key. If the document is modified, signatures immediately become invalid!
With Secured Signing online signing your organization will improve efficiency, document control, visibility, and security.
EchoSign Electronic Signature Solutions …The Way the World Signs.  Available in many languages.
Sign up to Five documents for Free Now !
- Accelerate your sales with instant fax, mobile phone and e-signatures
- Track your team and their contracts with account sharing
- Automatically stores and manages all your signed agreements
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